Untitled – Larisa Samarina

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Larisa Samarina, adult

Volgograd, Russia

Editors Note: This painting addressees the ecological impact that the dam at Volshki has had on the Volga River. Because of the tempeture increase in the Volga River (5 degrees since the dam’s creation) the population of the sturgeon is almost extinct. their spawning was greatly curtailed because of this increase. The three figures are shown with empty plates to symbolize that the sturgeon is all but gone. the fire in the front of the painting depicts a forest fire that took place the summer of our visit That took out many acres of hardwood trees.

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  1. Hi,

    I am Gustavo Vaz, i am from Brasil, but i study at Martin Methodist college in Pulaski TN. I have been drawn to this picture that is in exposition at the arts gallery at our school, because the theme of the painting is this dying river where there is almost no fish anymore to feed the population, but the colors in the painting are still bright, not just to symbolize a warning, but also to symbolize HOPE. Besides being a great painting it reminds me of when Picasso first started painting for himself and incorporated the Cubism which is one of the styles that fascinates me.

    Comment by Gustavo Vaz — February 12, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

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