The Underground Railroad and The Burning Cuyahoga

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The Underground Railroad and The Burning Cuyahoga

Jason Page, age 15

Cleveland, Ohio USA

I learned a lot which I did not know or pay attention to. I say thank you to all who helped. Bless this river.

Editors Note: While researching the Cuyahoga river i was thrilled to come across a very old library book documenting the paths of the underground railroads. A map in the book showed that about 12 different roots to freedom connected on the Cuyahoga river where the people fleeing slavery would be transported across Lake Erie into Canada.

We read the accounts of some of these harrowing experiences. One woman transported her self by mail in a wooden crate. She was still alive over a week later when the crate was opened in Canada. Jason’s painting illustrates these stories. He also shows the U shaped river in the colors representing the four races of man kind. Red, Black, Yellow and White.

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  1. This painting is very weird but i like it a lot. Fire on water is extremely cool.

    Comment by Jodi Miller — October 1, 2010 @ 3:50 pm

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