The Global Rivers project Goes to Cleveland Ohio and to the MoMA this month

Posted on 29th March 2011 by admin in Rivers of the world

Dear River Community,
Such wonderful things have happened for the Global Rivers Project this month but I must admit I’ve put off blogging as I feel almost paralyzed with grief about Japan. I am beset by visions of radiation poisoning and devistation in our water and on our land. I’ve become prayerful and inward. Now it is time to reach out with all my might and start working again on our next project, which, was put in motion months before the tsunami hit, but, as serendipity, might have it, we have in the pipe line, an art exchange with Japan. We will be creating healing Origami for the people of Japan…

Thanks to Dr Peter Whitehouse we have been teamed up with the Saint Luke’s Hospital in Japan. We are calling the project, Healing Origami/Folding the River of Life. The idea is to get as many people as possible to fold and origami figures to ride above a folded river. We hope to have 1000 origami figurers just as in Japan it has been a time honored tradition to create 1000 cranes for someone who is ill. We will create 1000 animal birds and plants that grace the shore of our little, Cleveland , inner city river, the Doan Brook.

Next blog I will recap what I leaned as we completed the first stage of our  art exchange in Cleveland with the TIS School and nursing home, Judson Mannor. In the blog after that I’ll tell you about MoMA and the symposium on art and Alzheimers’s called Mapping Perceptions.

Thanks for visiting and please write back. Bernice

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