Out of my Comfort Zone and Out on a Limb… What did I promise?

Posted on 8th December 2010 by admin in Rivers of the world

Did you ever feel this? You get called to a meeting by a small group of elders. People whom, if you could pick a person in your life that exhibits profound generousity, good sense, talent and other virtures, these three people would be it. So they call you to a small meeting and they tell you about the bottling company that lies in wait to buy, for nearly nothing, the water rights of a lively and free water spring feed about 30 miles from your home. I gulped and said yes, knowing that there would probably come a time when I’d have to speak amongst strangers about their water system. This deal was aborted, but the same agent shows up in a neighboring town, which is now in the final stages of signing the water rights away… You are asked to take action…

These three elders supported me by helping to get in touch with people who could help me get up to speak about about the water issues in my area. Renee Hoyes from The TN Clean Water Network was invaluable in helping me craft The Talking Points which we presented at the Minor Hill City Council last night. (The talking points will be in a following blog.)

It had been weeks of studying the fact that Minor Hill needs jobs and that the people of Minor Hill have been promised a re-opening of their factory and a six person work force. The Mayor himself told me a well and water treatment plant would cost two million dollars. He asked me how I would solve the problem? It took me a good week to come up with the solution: Art saving the day.

Why don’t we find a celebrity who would come out for the water and we could put on a Water Aid type event taking a cue off of a hero to the farmers, Wilie Nelson. Who, incidentally, will be the first person I ask to sing for the water.

If you are a talented singer song writer or know of one that would come out and do a benefit to keep the water rights in the hands of the people, send in your message to us here.

I want to thank my students who came out with courage and pluck to have my back while I spoke for the water. Thanks Guys I love ya.

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  1. There just seems to be no end to the names of artists who are eco-aware and ready to contribute time and talent!!! Willie Nelson would be amazing. I’ll do some more research.


    Comment by Dharmaja — December 11, 2010 @ 5:13 pm

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