Newsweek cover story October 18th 2010…

Posted on 19th October 2010 by admin in Rivers of the world

Cover shows a a giant water drop hitting a puddle text reads: LIQUID ASSET Big Business and the Race to Control the World’s Water, on page 42, it is chilling.. The arcticle, written by Jeneen Interlandi, talks about Sita Alaska home of the worlds most spectacular lakes and trillions of gallons of pure water.. In a few months if all goes according to plan 80 million gallons of Blue Lake water will be siphoned into the kind of tankers usually reserved for oil and shipped to Mumbai India.  From there it goes into bottles and shipped to the Middle East. This article is well worth the read. I actually had a hard time reading this, as it scares me to think we are on the brink of watching corporations take the right of clean water away from humanity. As far as i can see the fad of bottled water could be the last straw in a precarious situation. We are dealing with a similar concern as a few bottling companies vie for an outstanding freshwater spring called Campbellsville Spring in our area (see earlier blog)… Also, I’m  opened for all kinds of sollutions to this problem. Feel free to comment … next blog is an expose on a few of your everyday water bottle companies. Prepare to get frustrated and scandalized…

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