Mutant Fish

Posted on 4th April 2009 by admin in Cuyahoga River-Cleveland-Ohio-See Artwork

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Mutant Fish

Kevin Melicant, age 17

Cleveland Ohio

I live in Cleveland and cross the river every day to go to school.

Before this project I never thought much about the river. Now I watch

the water every day. When the river gets murky it makes me feel sick.

We invited an environmental scientist to come to the school to speak to the kids, the students learned that there where many deformed fish born in the Cuyahoga due to the extensive pollution caused by the industries (much of it steel ) along it’s banks. The students also learned that in the 1930’s when the Cuyahoga burned for the first time that the water turned red and green as a result of copious amounts of iron filings released into the water.

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