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 The Art Club has returned recently from our Alaska trip, where we took 25 paintings from the The Global Rivers Art Exchange Project collection to Cordova and Valdez.  The Copper River Watershed is a rich glacial river that covers 700,000 acres.  Here is a brief report on our trip. 


After getting settled in Cordova, our first daytrip was to visit Child’s Glacier.  An extraordinary regional painter, Jen Anne Kirchmeier, adopted us and served as our guide.  We were awe-struck, as we first looked out on that light-filled, turquoise mountain of ice.  Grabbing our journals as we left the van, we heard a crack loud as a high-powered rifle, followed by intense thunder.  The glacier was breaking off huge chunks — calving before our eyes!  A piece the size of a small room fell into the milky Copper River; and soon after, a large wave rose up out of the water and thundered toward the beach.  We were happy to be watching it all from a safe overlook far above.  Child’s Glacier calved heavily four or five times that day.  The students capped off their five-hour sketching trip with a dinner of fresh-caught sockeye salmon, which they roasted outdoors. 


We were fortunate to have a world-renowned artist along on this trip.  Based in Mexico City, Gerda Hansberg has been associated with The Global Rivers Art Exchange Project for two years.  She met us in Alaska, accompanied by 13 original works of art from the Mexico Biennial Artists.  These works are beautiful, and the artists’ statements are very moving.  They are a testimonial to the fact that this project has been embraced by very talented international artists. Jessie Lerner, an environmental artist from Madison, Wisconsin was also with us on the trip. She brought her gift of leadership, joy and creativity to the experience.  The Global Rivers Art Exchange Project has a presence on YouTube, which seems to be going a bit “viral,” even as I write.  People around the world have copied our slide show and posted it to their own websites.  It appears in sites from such diverse places as: Telugu, Indonesia, Russia, and the African continent; as well as on websites, such as the Wiser Earth Foundation. 


In closing, I invite you to view our YouTube site, the call words for which are: global rivers art. 


Bernice Davidson


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