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Posted on 27th December 2010 by Dharmaja in Rivers of the world

Global Rivers Art movement is gaining momentum in Pulaski Co., Tennessee!  Bernice wrote a stirring letter to the editor of The Pulaski Citizen and the paper is running with it.  Just follow the link to read the article on the issue; and on the front page no less. 

The Tennessee Clean Water Network is also lending a helping hand in getting the word out to other towns and counties who are, or will soon face the same dilemma.  Tennessee is facing a real epidemic of water thievery, all over the state.  Please join us in bringing awareness to this issue by talking about it with friends, family, co-workers, whomever will listen:  Water belongs to the people, not corporations. 

In my own family, I’ve put my foot down about buying the tiny bottles of water, en masse from Costco.  Even buying the distilled water, rather than spring water, propagates the creation of more plastic bottles, which is a detrimental enterprise.

Listen, if it can happen in Tennessee, then it can happen to any of the rural farmlands in the country.  Raise awareness in your own community so that when the big bottling company comes to yourtown, the people will not be caught off-guard by big promises and small delivery.


  1. So glad you mentioned this problem of bottled water. I woke up this morning thinking this new penchant for water in plastic bottles may be our demize. The film “Tapped” shows how not only are our streams and landfils are choaked with these little plastic bottles but the manufacture of them causes people who live near the plants to get cancer. A good new years resolution; Cut loose of plastic water bottles. Get a stainlessteal one and protect lives.

    Comment by admin — December 31, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

  2. I never encountered “bottlemania” until my move to southern california. I think it directly corresponds to the rise in families shopping for basics at the club stores like Costco and Sam’s, which you don’t see in rural Iowa. We had to drive an hour or more to go to a store like that, and it would only be for special, not-every-day-shopping ist items.

    But, Costco (and I assume Sam’s Club), sells these pallet-sized packages of tiny, pint bottles and people keep the whole flat of them in their garages, trunks, and fridges.

    Folks with some awareness out here have stopped using them because all the plastic leaches into the water after sitting in a hot car for a while. But, I have not heard anyone discuss the really toxic effect of bottled water, that is the privatization of public water supplies.

    In another 10 years, some conglomerate is going to try to commodify air and then buy it up. The more I read about this, the more I feel like there is a Dr. Evil behind door number 2. It does smack of a ludicrous plan hatched in the depths of an insane arch-villian. But, so does buying up the Earth’s water and selling it back to the inhabitants.

    Comment by Dharmaja — January 3, 2011 @ 7:12 pm

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