Fox River Cleanup – Green Bay

Posted on 29th October 2014 by admin in Rivers of the world

The Fox River Cleanup Project is designed to reduce risk to human health and the environment due to the presence of PCBs in Fox River sediment, It’s a multi-year cleanup effort that includes dredging, capping and covering over a 13-mile stretch of the Lower

Fox River.The project officially started with dredging and processing on April 28, 2009.



From the govt. EPA website:

PCBs do not degrade naturally, but instead concentrate in the environment and the food chain resulting in health hazards to humans, fish and wildlife. The Lower Fox River project involves the cleanup of sediment (mud) contaminated with PCBs, as well as the restoration of the natural resources damaged by these contaminants.

A number of federal, state and tribal agencies have joined efforts to address this important issue through regulatory avenues including Superfund, the Natural Resource Damage Assessment, and state spill authorities.


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